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Neil James

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Research expertise

My research aims to provide advice regarding renewable bio-energy to remote, rural communities as part of BioPAD (BioEnergy Proliferation and Deployment). I have previously worked on other Northern Periphery Programme projects including RASLRES (Regional Approaches to Stimulating Local Renewable Energy Solutions), and CoastAdapt which focused on how coastal communities can adapt to future impacts of climate change. Before arriving in the Highlands, my work has varied in terms of species, environments, and scales; from work on terrestrial birds of North America, to amphibians on Scottish mountains, and marine zooplankton across the globe.

I maintain a broad interest in macroecology, particularly the large scale determinants of species richness, abundance, and distribution. Most recently my research has focussed on how temperature, through its influence on physiological and ecological process, impacts zooplankton and determines the structure of the planktonic food-web. I am also interested in zooplankton ecology, planktonic ecosystem and food-web dynamics, and climate change.

Neil is responsible for coordinating ERI’s activity concerning Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme projects.

I am also the postgraduate coordinator here at the ERI, providing a local contact point for information for students, supervisors and other staff involved in postgraduate activities.

Research links

Neil is the project coordinator for Circular Ocean, a €1.5million project funded by the EU’s Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme and responsible for the operational management overall financial administration and accounting of the project. Circular Ocean is focussed on the impact of environmental contamination and seeks to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for marine plastic waste. Through transnational collaboration and eco-innovation Circular Ocean will develop, share and test new sustainable solutions to incentivise the elimination, collection and, reprocessing of discarded fishing nets and assist the movement towards a more circular economy. I also have a particular interest in the presence, magnitude and effects of plastic contamination of aquatic environments. Circular Ocean won the prestigious EU RegioStars 2016 inaugural Public Choice Award and was a finalist in the Sustainable Growth category.

Frequent Journals

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  2. Ocean & Coastal Management

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