Lindsay Blair


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Research expertise

  • Visual culture of Scotland/ Highlands in a post-colonial situation and the potential of a transnational identity. Reinvigorating the language of the discourse - locating Scottish/ Highland art within its evolving futures in order to re-articulate how new technologies, new radical political geographies, new aesthetic forms can re-charge existing narratives.
  • American Surrealism, especially the work of Joseph Cornell.
  • American Abstract Expressionism with particular emphasis on the work of Jon Schueler in relation to the semiotic analysis of Roland Barthes and the radical theory of Gilles Deleuze.
  • Cross-disciplinary Representations: Place as Text in Visual Culture and Literature. Dialogical readings, Codes and Constructed Realities.
  • Contemporary Art in Public Places – Art and Health, the therapeutic environment; contemporary collections; socially engaged practice; curating exhibitions in the gallery space. Codes of conduct and approaches that will promote the ideals of sustainable development.

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