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David Worthington

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Research expertise

My major research areas are: British and Irish emigration in the early modern period; Scottish-Polish historical connections; coastal history. I commenced at the Centre for History, University of the Highlands and Isands, in 2008. As head of the Centre since 2011, I have sought to develop, strategically, the team's research and teaching and to ensure our financial sustainability and was delighted when we achieved, in 2014, excellent external ratings (our first and very successful REF2014 submission). Meanwhile, I have continued to publish extensively, focusing on monographs and articles (my second monograph was published in 2012 and I am currently working on a third); secured two fully-funded PhD studentships; been successful applicant/host for a Carnegie Trust Centenary Professorship, and led a forestry history project that received over £300,000 backing. In addition, I have increased my profile within UHI’s research committees, sitting on the Research Committee as co-convenor of the Humanities and Arts Research Cluster (HARC). Nationally and internationally, I have sought to enhance my standing within my research area, and also that of the Centre’s, this recognised in my being awarded a Readership in December 2015.


Research themes

Scotland and Central Europe in the Early Modern Period

Coastal History

British and Irish Emigration and Travel in the Early Modern Period

Scottish-Polish Historical Connections

'Central Europe' in Early Modern History

Teaching expertise

I am currently programme leader for:

MLitt History

MLitt History of the Highlands and Islands

MLitt History and Archaeology of the Highlands and Islands

MLitt Coastal and Maritime Societies and Cultures.

I am module leader for four undergraduate modules: The Seventeenth Century in the Highlands; Lordship, Colony, Kingdom - The Making of Ireland; Scots in Poland, Poles in Scotland; Alps, Hills and Plain? Central Europe to 1918. At Masters level, I am module leader for two core modules, Primary Sources in History and Arguments and Alternatives: Models, Interpretations and Debates in Highlands and Islands History, as well as for Sport in Highland History and Darkness, Division and Discord? The Highlands, 1603-1707

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    The New Coastal History: Cultural and Environmental Perspectives from Scotland and Beyond

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  1. Immigrants and Minorities

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  3. The International Journal of Maritime History

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    SAGE Publications Inc.

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