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My basic research interests are directed towards development of analytical based methods for the detection and quantification of diverse biomolecules in different biological matrices. The human body is exposed to several environmental pollutants and other toxicological compounds as well as endogenously produced metabolites. There are processes and in checks within the body to combat the deleterious effects of these compounds. However, when the deleterious effect overwhelms the protective processes, it leads to modification of biomolecules that may alter their functions causing disease state. My interest lies is detecting such subtle changes using a combination of analytical techniques to develop translational medicines.

Up to now my research mainly focused on detection of small molecules, novel lipid peroxidation products and bioactive lipids as well as establishment of mass spectrometry based methods for their qualitative and quantitative analysis. Three years of my experience with metabolic tracing at University of Birmingham gave me an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about central carbon metabolism and how it is altered in disease condition such as different types of cancer. My PhD provided me gain hands on experience with different mass spectrometers such as LTQ-Orbitrap-XL ETD, QTrap 5500 and Q-TOF instruments. Working with different mass spectrometers over the years, I gained experience in different fragmentation techniques (CID, PSD, ETD) and corresponding spectra analysis. I have a strong knowledge in development of different shotgun and LC-MS data acquisition methods, such as data dependent acquisition (DDA), MSE and multiple reactions monitoring (MRM).

An important aspect of my research was to develop different kinds of MS-based approaches to detect and quantify different lipid peroxidation products in inflammatory disease models such as Acute Pancreatitis, Type 2 Diabetes and Malarial parasite samples. During my PhD work I have developed semi-targeted LCMS methods for the identification of lipid peroxidation derived carbonyls, dicarboxylates, hydroperoxides, hydroxides and isoprostanoid compounds on QTrap 5500 (ABSciex) and method validation on high resolution QTOF (Absciex 5600).  Though most of my work was focused on detection and quantification of lipid peroxidation biomarkers, I am also familiar with various aspects of protein prost-translational modifications analysis, particularly ones caused by lipid peroxidation derived carbonyls. Besides the operational and application skills, I am familiar with routine maintenance of the HPLC and nUPLC instruments which I am doing for the past years at the laboratory. 

Frequent Journals

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