Energy Profiling of the Prevalent Commercial Buildings in Specific Postal Districts
: Potential application to GIS

  • Iain A MacPherson

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy (awarded by OU/Aberdeen)


    The presented dissertation has aimed to assess the contribution that the most
    prevalent commercial buildings within the city centre postcode areas of two Scottish cities make to electrical energy usage and thereby their carbon dioxide emission. Using the Scottish Assessors Association produced information about the rateable sites, CIBSE benchmarking for energy consumption for existing commercial buildings and an estimation of the individual building floor area, by extrapolation of reported English and Welsh rateable values/m2 (RV/m2), it has been possible to estimate the energy consumption for the most prevalent commercial building types within the central post code areas of two widely different cities, Glasgow and Inverness. The estimated city centre average RV/m2 for Glasgow was £180 while the Glasgow regional average was £79/m2. For Inverness the centre and regional values were £110 and £47/m2 respectively.
    In both cities, of the most prevalent commercial buildings, shops and offices
    dominated the energy demand profile. For Inverness postal areas IV1 and IV2 they were responsible for 75% and 85% respectively. For Glasgow G1 and G2 which geographically are much smaller areas shops and offices were responsible for 91% and 93% of the energy demand in those postal districts.
    The outcome was that it was possible to present an estimate of the energy usage of groups of commercial building types and in certain instances individual premises in specific post code areas.
    The conclusion was that this approach could be integrated into a refined version of the Greenspace GIS carbon mapping model.
    Date of Award31 Jul 2012
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Edinburgh
    SponsorsUHI Greenspace
    SupervisorNeil Finlayson (Supervisor), Frank Rennie (Supervisor) & Colin Porteus (Supervisor)

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