Viking Burials in Scotland: Landscape and burials in the Viking Age

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This site was launched in 2015 and comprises a list of culturally Scandinavian Viking Age burial (and therefore funeral) sites in modern-day Scotland. Most of the burials included grave-goods and are dated c. 850-950. All of the burials are (sometimes presumed) inhumations unless otherwise noted. The regional lists include (in order from top to bottom) burials where the site is known exactly, or at least to within 25m; those where the burial site is known to within 100m; and those where the approximate burial site is known but not to within 100m. The list excludes numerous burials where the site cannot be determined with any confidence. Fortunately the majority of the sites are in the first category. Those which are not are noted in the entry. Cemeteries are considered as a group rather than by individual burials.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015


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