Time, death and burial in the ancien diocese of Le Mans

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This chapter provides a survey of the role of time in the relevant historiography of death in early modern France, focusing on some of the contrasting times of normality and emergency, and of peace and war. It outlines the normal patterns and obligations of buriel, depending on the circumstances of death and social class. It then contrasts this with times of upheaval, such as war and plague. Finally, it asks how ideas of 'resting in peace', commemoration and exhumation depended on turning the clock back to create a fictional Catholic continuity and posthumous identity.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationManaging Time
Subtitle of host publicationLiterature and Devotion in Early Modern France
EditorsRichard Maber, Joanna Barker
Place of PublicationOxford
PublisherPeter Lang
Number of pages33
ISBN (Print)978-1787074927
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Huguenot
  • Burial
  • Roman Catholic
  • Rites
  • Ritual
  • Andrew Spicer
  • Penny Roberts
  • Vanessa Harding


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