The Psalter, Worship, and Worldview

Jamie Grant

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    A few years ago, I was asked to speak at an academic conference on
    worldview in the Old Testament. This led to an interesting conversation
    with a colleague who asked me what topic I was speaking on at the event.
    “Worldview in the Psalms,” I replied. “Oh, that shouldn’t take long ...
    surely, there is no such thing as a worldview in the Psalms” came the
    reply, initiating an interesting discussion.
    The surprising aspect of this conversation is that my colleague is a
    card-carrying Dooyeweerdian with strong Kuyperian tendencies. 1 His
    frame of reference thoroughly affirms the inescapable reality of a her -
    meneutical worldview that shapes our basic thinking about the most
    fundamental aspects of life and human experience. Why therefore the
    skepticism regarding the presence of worldview in the Psalms.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationThe Identity of Israel's God in Christian Scripture
    Subtitle of host publicationEssays in Honor of Christopher R. Seitz
    EditorsDon Collett, Mark Elliott, Mark Gignilliat, Ephraim Radner
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    Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2020

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    • Psalms
    • Worldview
    • Worship
    • Poetry


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