The Gaelic Community of the Hebrides at the Crossroads of Change.

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The main article is printed on the centre pages of the Stornoway Gazette dated 30 March 2023, which is behind a subscription paywall. Excerpt of the article below:
The future of Gaelic as a living community language in Scotland and as a first language of the island communities of the Outer Hebrides is under threat. Population trends and data on the number of young Gaelic speakers across the islands tell us the situation is not as healthy as it should be. Despite numerous language plans being produced since 2007, national policy towards the re-shaping of the Gaelic situation at the community level shows little to no progress.
The short-term project-based approach which dominates Gaelic development policy and practice doesn’t engage effectively with people at the community level despite efforts by some individuals and community organisations to create meaningful change. The Gaelic situation in the Hebrides is directly linked to the social, linguistic, economic and political forces which play a central part in the future success and well-being of island communities. The lived experiences of the Gaelic speaking islanders should be central in how support is delivered, but current forms of engagement from existing government policies fail to deal with obvious contemporary challenge.
Original languageEnglish
TypeNewspaper Article
Media of outputStornoway Gazette
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2023


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