Revitalising teaching practice in tertiary education for times of pandemic and beyond

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This chapter reviews the Internet-enabled tools available for delivering subject content, addressing learner questions, organising discussion and assessment in situations where face to face contact with learners is either not possible or not intended. The methodological approach used is based on qualitative meta-analysis aiming at providing a pathway for organising fully online-based teaching, while assessing the suitability of the technology-enabled teaching tools available. The findings indicate that it is possible to recommend well-rounded online teaching beyond the typical paradigm of an all-inclusive virtual learning environment typically based on Blackboard or Brightspace. Arguably, the use of a flexible set of technological tools for organising the learning environment can be more efficient in organising learner journeys, compared to the statistical approach of clicks provided by Blackboard or Brightspace. The value of this work is in its attempt to discuss an eclectic provision of established as well more recent small-scale technological advances in supporting online teaching rather than adopting a virtual learning environment based on a single fairly sophisticated platform.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInnovating in Teaching Enterprise, Business and Management in Higher Education: Best Practices in Times of Change
Subtitle of host publication1 (Higher Education Practises and Perspectives)
ISBN (Electronic)9781838107925
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jan 2021

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NameHigher Innovation Practices and Perspectives


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