Revelation's activating: The verbal as the expression of the personal impression

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As the title might all too clearly imply, I am trying to suggest that the scriptural words encode something of a special religious experience, that does more than just resonate with our present-day religious sense (where “our” means the present reader, reading no doubt as part of a community and a tradition, even taking note of the reality of “intersectionality”), but actually serves to inspire, instruct and correct that religious sense. One might say that through this encoding and decoding of that experience, they operate causally in a sense of a formal and even efficient cause, although one might wish to employ those categories lightly. Although there is an element of dialogue, in that the poetics of the psalms and the rhetoric of the prophets and of the Gospels and Paul allow or even demand room for the cate-gory of persuasion along with the demand of the authoritative. As with the Summa Theologiae so too with the Psalms or Job or Paul: objections are constitutive of the message, even if not the first or the last word of that message.
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Title of host publicationDo We Still Need Inspiration?
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Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2023


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