Over the storm-swelled sea: Picts and Britons in the early medieval Irish Church

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Between the fifth and ninth centuries, the interaction of people Britain, Ireland and their surrounding islands was constantly shaping and reshaping life and culture. In the church, the impact of Irish travellers to Britain was profound and the fame of monasteries such as Iona, which they established, remains to this day. Aside from the role of Patrick himself, the input of migrants from Britain to Ireland is much less well known today. However, the impact of the Picts and Britons who travelled to Ireland was significant. This book examines the evidence for these travellers who journeyed west across the sea. It asks what can be pieced together of the lives of British and Pictish men and women in the Irish Church, from the often fragmentary evidence. It also considers how writers of later ages viewed these migrants, and considers how the shaping of the ‘migration narrative’ throughout the centuries had a profound effect on the way that the earliest centuries of the church came to be viewed in later years in both Scotland and Ireland.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherBrepols Publishers
Publication statusIn preparation - 2019

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NameThe North Atlantic World

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