'Magic Lantern' Barns Ness Lighthouse

Research output: Other contribution


This light art and projection event was commissioned by Dunbar SciFest to celebrate the International Year of Light 2015. Tasked with trying to generate a new audience for a science festival by creating an artwork, Malcolm Innes used light, colour, sound and projection to interpret complex scientific theories related to light. This spanned from James Clark Maxwell's ground breaking theory of electromagnetic radiation; Sir Isaac Newton's experiments with light and colour; and the competing wave and particle theories of light. Innes utilised narrative led design methodologies created in previous projects, including Botanic Lights 2014, and developed these methods further to deliver a live interpretative performance that incorporated sound, light and fire. The public performances ran for three nights at the Barns Ness Lighthouse in East Lothian.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 Mar 2015


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