LLiST: a new-star tracker camera for tip-tilt correction at IOTA

Peter A. Schuller, Marc G. Lacasse, Donald S. Lydon, William H. McGonagle, Ettore Pedretti, Robert K. Reich, F. Peter Schloerb, Wesley A. Traub

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The tip-tilt correction system at the Infrared Optical Telescope Array (IOTA) has been upgraded with a new star tracker camera. The camera features a backside-illuminated CCD chip offering doubled overall quantum efficiency and a four times higher system gain compared to the previous system. Tests carried out to characterize the new system showed a higher system gain with a lower read-out noise electron level. Shorter read-out cycle times now allow to compensate tip-tilt fluctuations so that their error imposed on visibility measurements becomes comparable to, and even smaller than, that of higher-order aberrations.


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