Keep taking the tablets? Assessing the use of tablet devices in learning and teaching activities in the Further Education sector

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This article summarises the methodology and outcomes of an interventionist/
action research project to assess the benefits, and potential pitfalls, of the use
of mobile devices in learning and teaching activities in a Further Education
environment. A bank of 15 tablet devices were purchased and prepared for
classroom use. Staff members were approached to scope potential activities and
uses for the tablet devices. Three departments took part in the research activity:
the Language School, Social and Vocational Studies and the Hairdressing
department. Use of the tablets was varied in nature and included: use of
multimedia tools, use of apps, creation and use of a bespoke app, multimedia
manipulation and sharing, and creation of an online e-portfolio. Staff and student
feedback was gathered during and after the project, and project authors were
present during classroom activities for observation and recording purposes.
Overall feedback was very positive, but there were issues with tablet use and
administration. One of the major issues was the onerous nature of the security
setup, and app administration.
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JournalResearch in Learning Technology
Early online date19 Feb 2014
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  • mobile technology
  • tablets
  • student attitudes
  • staff attitudes
  • mobile classroom
  • m-learning
  • mobile learning
  • pedagogy
  • learning technology

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