Introduction to wellbore positioning

Angus Jamieson, Stuart Knight (Editor)

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The subject of Borehole Surveying has frequently been dealt with in best practice manuals, guidelines and check sheets but this book will attempt to capture in one document the main points of interest for public access through the UHI and SPE websites. The author would like to thank the sponsors for their generous support in the compilation of this book and their willingness to release all restrictions on the intellectual property so that the industry at large can have free access and copying rights.
We live on a planet of limited resources supporting a growing population. At the time of writing, the
efficient extraction of fossil fuels is crucial to the sustainable supply of the energy and materials we need. Whilst renewable energies are an exciting emerging market, we will still be dependent on our oil and gas reserves for many years to come.
As an industry we have not given the accuracy and management of survey data the attention it deserves. Much better data quality and survey accuracy has been available at very little additional cost but the industry has frequently regarded accuracy as an expensive luxury. Simple corrections to our surveys such as correcting for the stretch of the drill pipe or even sag correction and IFR (see later) have been seen as belonging to the ‘high tech’ end of the market and we have, unlike nearly all other survey disciplines, thrown good data away, when ‘better’ data becomes available.
The advent of the ISCWSA, The Industry Steering Committee for Wellbore Survey Accuracy, brought in a new era in survey practice. Not only was work done on improving the realism of error models, but a bi-annual forum was provided to allow industry experts to share ideas and experiences. This project has emerged out of a recognised need for better educational materials to support the understanding of borehole surveying issues. The contents of this e-book are free to use and distribute. Any additional chapters will be welcome for assessment and potential inclusion in the book so this is the first draft of a work in progress.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of the Highlands and Islands
Number of pages247
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2012


  • Wellbore
  • drilling
  • positioning
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