Infancia y adolescecia en el centro: recorridos hacia la centralidad

Translated title of the contribution: Children and Youth at Heart: Towards being youth centred

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In this chapter I am going to present a ‘Change-scape’ or ‘landscape of change’ that places young people at the centre of research and values their identities, inclusion and ideas. I developed this model while working with children and young people on what could make their participation more meaningful. The socio-ecological Change-scape is intended to help commissioners, practitioners and researchers to take children and young people's evidence more seriously in different political and cultural global contexts.Youth, as active participants, can inform their societies and political environment if they are given safe spaces and are listened to. The Change-scape takes into account children growing up and changing contexts over time and the importance of working with peers and siblings, parents and guardians and adults in the communities, and with service providers and decision-makers.

Translated title of the contributionChildren and Youth at Heart: Towards being youth centred
Original languageSpanish/español
Title of host publicationImpulsar la Participation Infantil: Los conseijos de infancia y adolescenia
EditorsAsun Llena Berne, Ana M. Novella Camara
Place of PublicationBarcelona
PublisherEditorial GRAO
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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NameCritica Y Fundamentos


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