Global EdD in Remote Pedagogy and Stewardship: Open-access Taught Doctorate in Education

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The Digital Content project, ‘Global EdD in Remote Pedagogy and Stewardship’ is a new collaborative open-access programme to develop global educational talent and expertise in digital and remote pedagogy by connecting with international educators and researchers in the areas of: remote pedagogies (UHI, UK); Indigenous methodologies (Aamjiwnaag FN, Canada); digital educator training (University of Windsor & China); and environmental stewardship (UWI, Jamaica).

The architects of the EdD program constructed four open access (CC-BY) modules to develop an international taught-Doctorate (EdD) in remote [digital] learning and social stewardship. The programme is designed to develop reciprocal leaders (Xu, 2020) and sustained expertise (Rennie, Davies, UHI) and innovation in digital learning, pedagogy, change theory and stewardship (Beckford, UWindsor) . The collaborators call this innovative approach to hybrid learning, ‘gloflex’ – knowledge mobilization of current international hyflex strategies through global partnerships.

The modules in the open-access course are:

1. Indigenous Research/Learning Methodologies (Aamjiwnaang Elder and Author David Plain with Dave Cormier, University of Windsor).
2. Research in Remote Pedagogy (Dr. Kara Smith, and digital post-graduate researcher Thu Le, Vietnam, working with remote learning experts Prof. Frank Rennie and Dr. Gareth Davies, UHI).
3.Global Stewardship in Education (Prof. Clinton Beckford, VP of EDI and global stewardship researcher, University of Windsor working with the University of the West Indies, and post graduate research student Loretta Sbrocca, Windsor).
4.Educational Change and Reciprocal Learning (Prof. Shi Jing Xu, Canada Research Chair working with Dr. Yuxin Yang, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) China, and post graduate research PhD student Chenkai Chi, Windsor).
Original languageEnglish
TypeGlobal EdD in Remote Pedagogy & Stewardship
Media of outputOpen Access Course
Publication statusPublished - 28 Feb 2022


  • Digital Education
  • remote learning
  • Food security
  • Sustainability
  • service education
  • edd
  • taught doctorate
  • windsor
  • beijing university
  • uhi
  • reciprocal learning
  • global citizenship
  • Climate change


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