Ethical Tourism Recovery in Arctic Communities (ETRAC): Report and Strategy

Bobby Macaulay, Rosalind Bryce, Vilhelmiina Vainikka

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This research builds predominantly on the report on ‘Impacts of COVID on the Development of Ethical
Tourism’. These documents may be read together or separately, but for more information on the wider
project methodology, please refer to the report.
The data informing this strategy was gathered via three routes:
• First, the report on ‘Impacts of COVID on the Development of Ethical Tourism’ was consulted in
order to identify themes and details identified during the course of the research which may be
relevant to a forward-facing strategy document;
• A stakeholder workshop was then hosted in February 2022, bringing together a range of voices
to discuss and debate these themes, seeking to identify specific actions which could be
undertaken. These discussions were then analysed and developed into tentative actions;
• Fifteen participants attended the workshop, representing six countries across the Northern
Periphery and Arctic region: Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland and Canada.
Attendees represented a broad range of perspectives and sectors, including universities and
research institutions, tourism business networks, Destination Management Organisations
(DMOs), tourism providers and regional development organisations.
• Tentative actions were subsequently circulated around relevant researchers and other
stakeholders to consider their representativeness and relevance. Research partners were also
asked to contribute case study illustrations to the ‘pillars’, offering a practical insight into how
such objectives may be translated in reality.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2022


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