Community landowners and the climate emergency- blog

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We are living through a climate emergency. As emergencies go, this one is different. While climate change is increasingly causing acute crises, the chronic nature of the climate emergency does not end when these crises subside. It is not a single catastrophic event to avoid or respond to, but an ongoing and slow descent toward an uninhabitable planet, punctuated by ever-increasing, ever-more severe climactic disasters.

Responses to this emergency also need to be different. There is no ‘silver bullet’, no imminently-available vaccine, no one technology which can avert danger. There are no Hollywood movies of the hero hoovering up all the nasty carbon in the nick of time. Despite the best efforts of scientists and engineers, the solution to averting self-destruction is not simply technological.
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Specialist publicationblog
Publication statusPublished - 24 Mar 2021


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