Characterizing closure-phase measurements at IOTA

Sam Ragland, Wesley A. Traub, Jean-Philippe Berger, Rafael Millan-Gabet, John D. Monnier, Ettore Pedretti, F. P. Schloerb, Nathaniel P. Carleton, Pierre Haguenauer, Pierre Y. Kern, Pierre R. Labeye, Marc G. Lacasse, Fabien Malbet, Karine Rousselet-Perraut

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We are working towards imaging the surfaces and circumstellar envelopes of Mira stars in the near-infrared, using the IOTA interferometer and the IONIC integrated-optics 3-beam combiner. In order to study atmospheric structures of these stars, we installed 3 narrow-band filters that subdivide H-band into 3 roughly equal-width sub-bands - a central one for continuum, and 2 adjacent ones to sample Mira star's (mostly water) absorption-bands. We present here our characterization of the IOTA 3-Telescope interferometer for closure-phase measurements with broad and narrow-band filters in the H atmospheric window. This includes characterizing the stability, chromaticity, and polarization effects of the present IOTA optics with the IONIC beam-combiner, and characterizing the accuracy of our closure phase measurements.


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