Case Study 2.7 - Group Activity 1: Pulsimeter Mini-Project

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This formative activity has been designed for a third-year undergraduate module in Control and Instrumentation, which, being cross-disciplinary, lends itself well to a multi-modal group approach. Appendix 1 shows the task to be presented to the students. The facilitation and assessment methods are key to gender-sensitive inclusion. Whilst some literature advocates female-only groups (Girls Who Code, 2019), this exclusivity can be alienating. Ensuring that each group includes at least one or two women, is preferable. This determines the number of groups and group sizes. Ensuring groups contain students from different backgrounds (such as full-time, part-time unemployed, part-time working, mature and young) and geographical locations, helps avoid cliques that can engender “laddishness”.
To facilitate individual learning, groups are required to regularly hold meetings, in accordance with their pre-approved project plan. Supervisors are asked to scrutinise meeting minutes for clear evidence of participation by all members. Groups give progress presentations at strategic milestones, where their inter-group cooperation is critiqued by their supervisor, with direct feedback encouraging improvement; even with formative activities, most groups strive to perform well in front of peers, particularly if competition is encouraged.
The mini-project runs for three weeks, then each group presents their design (shared equally between group members) and individuals critique the designs of the other groups – in terms of technical achievement and usability. Appendix 2 shows the rubric used
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Publication statusPublished - 7 Jan 2022


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