Bresnan E, Davidson K, Gowen R, Higman W, Lawton L, Lewis J, Percy L, McKinney A, Milligan S, Shammon T and Swan S (2008). Harmful phytoplankton in UK waters: current and future organisms for concern. In: Relating Harmful Phytoplankton to Shellfish Poisoning and Human Health, pages 11-15. Proceedings of NERC-funded workshop 15 -16 Oct 2007, Davidson K and Bresnan E (eds).

Eileen Bresnan, Keith Davidson, Richard Gowen, Wendy Higman, Linda lawton, J Lewis, Linda Percy, April McKinney, Steve Milligan, T Shammon, Sarah Swan

Research output: Other contribution

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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