Wild Words

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Description of project aims

This research project will engage a wide range of communities and people in Scotland, with a particular emphasis on young people, in expressing their passions for nature in the Highlands. The project will use novel creative writing methods to explore and encourage educational and therapeutic engagement with nature and to delve into and surface areas of agreement and of controversy, in order to weave a richly nuanced and diverse tapestry of voices about our land. The project is a collective and participatory poetic inquiry into woodlands . It builds on previous research exploring tree poetry and the Gaelic tree alphabet, in the A-B-Tree project, and it fits into and complements other activity within the Centre for Remote and Rural Communities.

Layman's description

This is a research project using creative writing to find out how people feel and encourage dialogue about important issues in land management, particularly woodlands.
Effective start/end date24/08/2030/06/21


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