What works with existing peer research examining support and strength-based pro-social modelling around non medicalised interventions for positive perinatal and infant mental health.

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Our partnership is between Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC (MWH), Children 1st Moray Family Wellbeing Hub and the Moray College/UHI Rural Health.
Building on our existing community development approaches, we will work within the community to deliver activities to listen to, experience and showcase current best practice. These will include:
- Implement a group to study & design a methodology to provide specialist training for peer researchers.
- Community of practice: in-person research discussion events, e.g., ‘conversation café’, health walks.
- Online focus groups, surveys and discussion tools, e.g., individual interviews: lived experience of perinatal mood disorders.
- Targeted support for those with most ‘valuable’ experiences, e.g., psychosis, domestic abuse etc.
- Evaluating research on the mental wellbeing benefits of peer research and non-medicalised interventions in rural areas.

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£30,000 awarded
Effective start/end date23/09/2123/09/22

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