User-led design of a digital health technology for improving dementia care

  • Macaden, Leah (PI)

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The number of people living with dementia doubles every 20 years, with annual global costs now exceeding $1 trillion.

Evidence suggests that cognitive decline in people with dementia is slower if they can be supported to live in their own homes as independently as possible. At home, most dementia care is provided by families and unpaid carers who often lack adequate support and understanding of condition management. Cognihealth have recently developed CogniCare, a novel digital health technology for improving at home dementia care delivery.

A user-led design process involving patients, carers, clinicians, nurse consultants and dementia advisors will help the development of features that strengthen the CogniCare system. The focus will be on enhancing carers’
competence and confidence in identifying symptoms and changes that need to be monitored to reduce unnecessary hospitalisation, enable early intervention,
and facilitate improved disease self-management.

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- Collect and evaluate stakeholder data from patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
- Use collected data to inform the design of new features on the CogniCare digital platform.
- Evaluate and publish results of these studies as appropriate.

Potential impacts and outcomes
This user-led design project will support the design of new features of the CogniCare platform for improving the care of patients with dementia. Results will help evidence
the benefits of offering this technology through the NHS.
StatusNot started

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