Transitioning to adulthood for the neurodiverse and disabled with, ‘What is Out There for an Active Life?'

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• Designing (Interactive Media students 3rd year) and implementing a digital software system using secure and robust software, which allows cataloguing of accessible activities with local businesses, once reviewed by the FA Ambassadors. This type of software build is outwith the skillsets of IM or Computing students.
• Employ Project Ambassadors as Research Assistants (role to be defined by HR) to 1. ensure a user led design of an accessible software facility where they also audit activities using video recording/podcasts. The activities will be paid for by SDS payments, which the recipients choose with their Self-Directed Support (SDS) funding and allows recipients to receive funds to lead an active life for the activities they choose. We do not ask them to go to an activity/business to audit- they choose and attend with an adult carer. The Scottish Parliament passed the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 so people who are eligible for social care support can get greater choice and control over how they receive services. This means care services can be 'personalised' to your individual needs and wishes.
• To better inform young people/carers of options available without associated risks and anxiety in advance of visiting unknown activities.
• To inform businesses how to explore the possibilities of in-house mandatory training to provide equality for their customers
• To research how effective SDS is for the community of supported individuals, relatives, unpaid carers, and wider families for an active life – mental wellbeing and physical
Effective start/end date30/11/2131/07/22

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