Reducing Health Disadvantage in Highland and Beyond: Co-Design of a Data Sharing Interface for Health and Social Data

  • Munoz, Sarah-Anne (PI)
  • Ellis, Liz (CoI)
  • Bradley, Sara (CoI)

Project Details


This project, in partnership with Albyn Housing Association, was funded by the Scottish Government through the ESIF programme. It allowed us to gather co-produced data on effective, acceptable and secure ways to link data gathered from home-based sensors with data held by primary care and acute NHS services. UHI researchers led the development and facilitation of co-production activities with stakeholders including rural community residents, rural healthcare professionals and technology developers. Through the analysis of this data we were able to produce several blueprints for data sharing interfaces for use by the Housing Association.
Effective start/end date1/12/1931/03/20

Collaborative partners


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