Protection against Vulnerability: The Indian Experience ¿ 'What Works?'

  • Cody, Claire (PI)

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Description of project aims

In 2011 the Centre for Rural Childhood received a learning grant from the Oak Foundation. The aim of the grant is to explore strategies to support children affected by sexual exploitation and related trafficking in West Bengal and Jharkhand. Following the first phase of the grant - which involved research carried out by a team at the School of Women Studies at Jadavpur University - a workshop was held with practitioners in 2012 to disseminate the findings and plan a number of follow up activities. The two areas identified for future exploration and action were in the areas of livelihoods to support survivors and their families and community-based protection mechanisms to support returning children.

Through follow up meetings with practitioners a number of small scale activities were identified as priority pieces of work. Following this, the social research organisation IMPACT was commissioned to undertake a piece of work exploring a number of activities related to livelihoods.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/10/13


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