Places of Royal Power and Ritual in Early Medieval Scotland and Europe

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The aim of this project is to explore sites of early medieval of kingship and ritual in Scotland within their wider European setting, focusing on the Pictish period (AD 300-900), and thus bring new light to an under researched area. This interdisciplinary research will be carried out through a series of workshops consisting of experts from a range of institutions, bringing together e.g. archaeologists, art historians, historians, place-name scholars and folklore experts. The project results will be shared with the public on an ongoing basis through knowledge exchange activities, such as seminars, school events, a conference and the INS website, with the aim of advancing the wider understanding of the development of early medieval kingship in Scotland and northwest Europe. After the end of the project, the results will be published in an edited book and a larger project application will be developed.
Effective start/end date31/03/2031/03/21


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