Outdoor learning Project

  • MacQuarrie, Sarah (PI)
  • Whitaker, Lynn (CoI)
  • Wallace, Rebecca (CoI)
  • Nugent, Clare (CoI)
  • Warden, Claire (CoI)

Project Details


The main objective of the partnership was to develop a publication aimed at practitioners working with children who wish to strengthen and support the implementation of nature based outdoor learning. Practitioners located in a range of rural and more urban areas within Scotland and the north of England volunteered their participation.

Practitioners were keen to share the practical, real difficulties they faced in developing their practice: these and other insights from the research project were used to develop a publication that provides strategies can be used time and again to reflect and revisit practice.

Dr Sarah MacQuarrie was the research associate, whose collaborators included Dr Lynn Whitaker (University of Glasgow), Clare Nugent (Mindstrechers/University of Edinburgh), Clare Warden (Mindstretchers) and Professor Rebecca Wallace (Robert Gordon University).
Effective start/end date1/02/1131/01/13