Optimising the Roles of Online Communities in Rural Resilience

  • Munoz, Sarah-Anne (PI)
  • Farmer, Jane (PI)

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Description of project aims

This research will use data from online communities to identify the roles that they do, and they could, play in rural resilience. It will use social media analytics and spatial methodologies to taxonomise and map service topics and social resilience from online communities. Governments are calling for rural service innovation - but to date, robust evidence about online versus local services needed, is lacking. This is partly due to a lack of data about diverse consumers ' priorities and gaps. Social media could offer latent insights, but ethical methodology producing useful de-identified policy insights has been lacking. Thus study exemplifies applying social media data analysis at scale to address policy problems and will produce up-to-date co-designed data use guidelines
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22

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