MRes project: The science of shinty: a needs analysis and training considerations

  • McKernie, Jed (Project Owner)
  • Crabtree, Daniel R (PI)
  • Gorely, Trish (CoI)
  • Kavaliauskas, Mykolas (CoI)

Project Details


The sport of shinty is widely played within Scotland, with most clubs in the Highlands and Great Glen areas. The governing body of shinty, The Cammanachd Association, currently has thirty-nine registered clubs with the majority having senior and youth teams and 10 clubs having female teams. Shinty is a high intensity, multi-directional, intermittent sport which is contested by 2 teams of twelve players over 2 forty-five-minute halves played on a grass pitch measuring 140-170 meters long by 80-90 meters wide (Camanachd Association). Little existing research exists on the sport of shinty with some papers examining the sports origins and history (Hunter 1999; Reid 2013; Reid 2000) and others investigating injuries sustained within the sport (MacLean 1989; Purdie and Whyte 1998).

The aim of this MRes project is to develop an athlete profile through the analysis of fitness test results and global positioning system (GPS) data.

The tuition fees for this MRes project are being paid for by the University of the Highlands and Islands Staff Development Fund.
Effective start/end date1/10/211/10/23

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  • shinty
  • needs analysis
  • sport
  • exercise


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