Marine Energy Research Innovation and Knowledge Accelerator

  • Vögler, Arne (PI)
  • Kenter, J O (PI)
  • Billing, Suzannah-Lynn (PI)
  • Greenwood, Charles (Researcher)
  • Morrison, James (Researcher)
  • Bremner, Barbara (Researcher)
  • Loxton , Jennifer (Researcher)
  • Schläppy, Marie-Lise (Researcher)
  • del Villar-Guerra, Diego (Researcher)
  • Nall, Chris (Researcher)
  • Greenhill, Lucy (Researcher)
  • Risch, Denise (Researcher)
  • Billing, Suzannah-Lynn (Researcher)
  • Martino, Simone (Researcher)


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Social Sciences

Earth and Planetary Sciences