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City Deal and ILEX (ERDF)

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The Highlands and Islands face major challenges
in delivering affordable, safe and effective care to a
population with increasingly complex medical needs.
To address this, the £315 million Inverness and
Highland City-Region Deal, jointly funded by the UK
and Scottish governments and the Highland Council
and its partners, has committed £9 million in funding
towards health and life science research and innovation
at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The university has adopted a strategic approach to
supporting health and life science projects with both
local significance and global relevance. Major themes
include facilitating the movement of patients from hospital
to home, increasing patient engagement by addressing
holistic care needs and promoting disease prevention
through adopting a healthy lifestyle. Projects are linked
to our regional demography and geography and focus on
existing university strengths in active health, proteomics
and lipidomics, behaviour science, and rural health
and wellbeing. A key aim is to expand the range and
scope of the regional life sciences sector by providing
the infrastructure and personnel to improve care
provision, secure inward investment and create
new education and employment opportunities.

We are working with our partners to innovate,
develop and implement new health and life science
technologies, products, services and businesses.
Highlights include successful clinical, commercial
and academic collaborations, new healthcare and life
science products and services, and clinical service
delivery improvements.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/07/27


  • innovation
  • healthcare
  • clinical
  • commercial
  • medtech


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