Innovative Promotion of Ancestral, Jacobite, Historical and Genealogical Tourism: Creative StoryMapping of Special Book Collections

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The nature of many special collections in the Highlands and Islands is that they feature relevant local historical material which could be used in the promotion of ancestral, Jacobite, historical and genealogical tourism. The main aims of the project are to show how technology can be utilised at little cost to imaginatively and innovatively use these collections to promote an area to an international audience.
This project will profile ancestral, Jacobite, historical and genealogical tourism, and its importance in the Highlands. It will focus on a manageable but pertinent sample of the Fraser-Mackintosh (1828- 1901) library story and some of the books from the collection by creating an ArcGIS StoryMap to plug-in to the existing website.
Short titleStoryMapping Special Collections
Effective start/end date1/07/2231/03/23

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