Home Technology for Health and Wellbeing

  • Munoz, Sarah-Anne (PI)
  • Narzisi, Katia (CoI)
  • Hall, Jenny (CoI)

Project Details


This project aims to reduce health inequality through a retrofit housing technology system. It is funded by the Scottish Government through the European Social Fund Social Innovation Fund and is a partnership between Albyn Housing and UHI.

In partnership with NHS Highland (NHSH), Albyn Housing Society (AHS) has developed highly accessible and adaptable technology enabled ‘Fit Homes’. These enable people with long-term health conditions to take advantage of emerging digital health and care technology that has potential to radically improve their quality of life. The first 16 homes have been completed.

This project aims to develop an effective retrofit model of this technology, ensuring effective data capture regardless of the size/design of the property so that we can empower all residents to better manage their own health, while enabling family, friends, carers and health professionals to care better for residents remotely.

UHI researchers are leading qualitative work with tenants who receive the retrofit system in order to explore their experience, enablers and barriers to use of the technology. In addition, we are carrying out a Social Retun on Investment.
StatusNot started


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