Does simulation of sensory and cognitive impairment in nurse education influence student nurses’ clinical practice?

  • Macaden, Leah (CoI)

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This project builds on a previous description of student nurses’ reflections following sensory impairment simulation (Macaden et al 2017). This report offers important insight into the immediate learning and emotional response of students to the simulation experience but does not provide evidence of impact on clinical practice.
Smith et al (2018) found that post registration community nurse participation in sensory impairment simulation improved awareness of the impact of sensory impairment and available specialist services. However, a study of the pharmaceutical care needs of older people with sensory impairment demonstrated that pharmacy staff lacked requisite training to anticipate and address the needs of this population (Alhusein et al 2018). There is currently no evidence on the sustained impact of sensory impairment simulation on pre-registration nursing students and the extent to which this influences their clinical experience and practice.
Indeed, despite Nursing and Midwifery Council (2018) endorsement of simulation in undergraduate nursing curricula, the effectiveness of simulation has not been tested or evaluated widely (Lavoie and Clarke 2017). Khalaila (2014) found simulation to have a positive impact on student (n=61) self-confidence and caring ability and to reduce anxiety when delivered prior to their first clinical practice experience. However, the simulation intervention used in this instance was a variety of clinical scenarios including chest pain, asthma and post-operative care and results cannot therefore be generalised to the impact of sensory impairment simulation. To date there is no published evidence of the influence of sensory impairment simulation on student nurse clinical practice.
Further systematic, prospective evaluation is therefore required to establish the impact of sensory impairment simulation on the clinical experience and practice of nursing students.
Effective start/end date1/07/1931/07/20


  • Simulation, Sensory impairment, Cognitive Impairment, Pedagogy, Nurse Education


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