Does polyphenol supplementation suppress the increase in oxidative stress and inflammation caused by reduced physical activity?

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Periods of reduced physical activity because of, for example, limb immobilization or bed rest, have been associated with an increased risk of developing metabolic diseases. However, nutrients found in our diet can contribute towards preventing such harmful health conditions, including the nutrient, ‘polyphenol’, which can be found in plant-based foods (i.e. fruit and vegetables).

We will investigate if polyphenol supplementation, during 1-week of step-count reduction, protects against the negative health consequences associated with decreased physical activity compared to a placebo. In addition, we will examine the effects of polyphenol supplementation on recovery, following 1-week of reduced physical activity.
Effective start/end date24/04/18 → …


  • polyphenols
  • exercise
  • oxidative stress
  • inflammation
  • physical activity
  • diet


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