Developing Post-COVID '19 resilience capacity for families’ Wellbeing

  • Clark, Malcolm John (PI)
  • Tullock, Magnus (PI)
  • Wright, Les (PI)
  • Turnbull, Ian (PI)
  • Clark, Samantha (PI)
  • Morrison, Mandy (PI)
  • Goodman, Lisa (PI)

Project Details


As the threat of the Covid 19 pandemic remains fluid, there is a call for support to help services to help families to adapt and develop new skills enabling them to survive and thrive in a world that operates in a different way. This research aims to explore what support for resilience should look like on a social science and digital level. The Wellbeing research would explore needs and develop a digital platform for awareness/online learning, self-help, immediate help, resources and web presence for such reasons as Trauma, PTSD, ACEs, Brain development, perinatal and Neurodiversity.

Layman's description

Researching the needs of Children 1st service users & developing a mental health application for service users and providers in joint sessions.
Short titleCovid Resilience
Effective start/end date31/10/2030/07/21


  • covid 19
  • digital platform
  • neurodiversity