Developing Post-COVID '19 resilience capacity for families’ Wellbeing

  • Clark, Malcolm John (PI)
  • Tullock, Magnus (PI)
  • Wright, Les (PI)
  • Turnbull, Ian (PI)
  • Clark, Samantha (PI)
  • Morrison, Mandy (PI)
  • Goodman, Lisa (PI)

Project Details

Description of project aims

As the threat of the Covid 19 pandemic remains fluid, there is a call for support to help services to help families to adapt and develop new skills enabling them to survive and thrive in a world that operates in a different way. This research aims to explore what support for resilience should look like on a social science and digital level. The Wellbeing research would explore needs and develop a digital platform for awareness/online learning, self-help, immediate help, resources and web presence for such reasons as Trauma, PTSD, ACEs, Brain development, perinatal and Neurodiversity.

Layman's description

Researching the needs of Children 1st service users & developing a mental health application for service users and providers in joint sessions.

Key funding - quote all funding agency(s)

The Children 1st executive team, through young people, have requested new features and extensions to the app, so an application has been submitted to the Tiny Changes fund.
Short titleCovid Resilience
Effective start/end date31/10/2030/10/22

Collaborative partners


  • covid 19
  • digital platform
  • mental wellbeing


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