Developing Methods to Evidence Social Enterprise as a Public Health Intervention

  • Donaldson, C (PI)
  • Godwin, Jon (CoI)
  • Stewart, John William (CoI)
  • Gillespie, Morag (CoI)
  • Teasdale, Simon (CoI)
  • Baker, Rachel (CoI)
  • Munoz, Sarah-Anne (CoI)
  • Morgan, Antony (CoI)
  • Docherty, Catherine (CoI)
  • Seaman, Peter (CoI)
  • Hilary, Thomson (CoI)
  • Skelton, Dawn (CoI)
  • Fulford, Heather (CoI)
  • Anderson, Isobel (CoI)


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Social Sciences


Economics, Econometrics and Finance