All the things we are – collaborative project with Red Note Ensemble and The Touring Network

Project Details


All the things we are is an ambitious multi layered composition/performance project that brings a huge collection of performers from all disciplines, together with all kinds of non-performers and community based organisations. It is a work that celebrates individuality, illuminates understanding of place and examines the manner in which we as humans connect, exist and play. Working closely with a range of diverse organisations, performers and groups including: traditional folk musicians, community choirs, teenage rock bands, professional classical musicians, children’s dance groups, knitting circles, tea club dancers, improvisers, residential care homes, marching bands etc spread across all corners of the highlands - composer Brian Irvine and film maker John McIlduff will create in partnership with these groups a series of specially crafted musical, theatrical, movement based moments. These moments will reposition and transform the natural activity and environment of a particular group or person in a manner that will involve the creation, invention and realisation of specially crafted new music and new movement.

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is offering the network infrastructure and expertise to support the technical aspects of the project. UHI is connected to the JANET network, a high-speed computer network to support the UK education and research community. The sites for the project have been chosen to allow access to campuses within UHI, and have reliable and high bandwidth network to allow the use of high quality videoconferencing facilities.

It is proposed that videoconferencing infrastructure that is currently used for delivering lectures will be used for the live video part of the project, supplemented by additional high quality audio collaboration software. A period of research leading up to the final performance will establish the most appropriate software that will work alongside current videoconferencing equipment.
StatusNot started