A Comparative Study of Restorative Practice with Young Offenders in Scotland and the Bahamas

  • Wallace, Rebecca (PI)
  • Wylie, Karen (PI)

Project Details

Description of project aims

Scotland has been recognised internationally as being at the forefront of piloting and monitoring restorative practices, both in schools (primary, secondary and special education) and prisons.

As such it is ahead of the Caribbean in this respect. This project looked at identifying instances of `good practice¿ to be shared between the teams from Scotland and the Caribbean which may have the potential to be adapted and utilised in the two locales.

One initial element established the profile of inmates at Fox Hill Prison in the Bahamas and to ascertain their perception of, and willingness to enter into, restorative practices.

Professor Rebecca Wallace and Karen Wylie from Centre assisted in contextualising the research within the existing literature and presented a co-authored paper at the College of Bahamas Research Symposium on violence in November 2011.
Effective start/end date1/04/105/12/12


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