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The Gearrannan Project: sustainability and continuity on the edge

MacLeod Rivett, M.

1/01/13 → …

Project: Research

Cold War Projects

Permar, R. & Timmins, S.

1/06/12 → …

Project: Research


Waterways in the West Mainland of Orkney: a pilot study

Bates, R., Crawford, B. & Sanmark, A.

British Academy Leverhulme


Project: Research

Circular Ocean

James, N.


Project: Research

Magnus 900 pilot project

Lee, D.


Project: Research

1533SH Identification of tumour reactive T cells in peripheral blood

Pritchard, A. & Hutchison, S.


Project: Research

STAC: Severe Terrain Archaeological Project

MacLeod Rivett, M.


Project: Research

Gaelic Medium Education and Additional Support Needs

MacQuarrie, S. & Lyon, F.

1/10/11 → …

Project: Research

Excavations at Anundshög, Sweden

Jonsson, K., Bäck, M., Lindeberg, M. & Sanmark, A.

1/03/17 → …

Project: Research

Macpherson's Ossianic Legacy

Lindfield-Ott, K.

1/10/14 → …

Project: Research

NPP WATER: Warning of Algal Toxin Events to Support Aquaculture in the Northern Periphery Programme Coastal Zone Region

Raine, R., Shelmerdine, R. L., Stone, D., Davidson, K., Gard, E., Naustvoll, L., Henderson, R. & Gubbins, M.


Project: Research

The stone circles of Britain and Ireland

Richards, C.


Project: Research

Mapping Magnus

Gibbon, S. J. & Lee, D.


Project: Research

Northern Exchange: Cold War Histories and Nuclear Futures

Permar, R., Timmins, S., Jónsdóttir, Á. & Härküonen, E.


Project: Research

An Sruth

Bateman, M., Gorman, R., Ó Giollagáin, C. & Ó Donnaíle, C.

1/04/15 → …

Project: Research

COOL - CLIL Open Online Learning

Ó Donnaíle, C.


Project: Research

1513SAM Bespoked (Cycle to Health) Velocity

Munoz, S.


Project: Research

Culture Change for Healthcare GreenSpace

Munoz, S. & Smith, F.


Project: Research

Seafood & Democracy: Understanding the influence of autocratic regimes on resourcebased firms.

Graziano, M., Fox, C., Heymans, S. J., Hughes, A., Crumlish, M., Pita, C., Ghanawi, J., Ghanawi, J. & Cannella, L.


Project: Research

YAARP: Yesnaby Art & Archaeology Research Project

Moore, J., Hammond, R. & Gibbon, S. J.

20/07/15 → …

Project: Research