UHI Anthropology Network formed

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As a consequence of the paper presented at the Teaching and Learning Conference, an informal UHI Anthropology Network has been formed. This has since led onto steps being taken to introduce two Anthropology modules: An introduction to anthropological approaches (undergraduate) and Organisational Culture (postgraduate).

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The BSc Psychology programme at UHI has a shortage of option modules in the first year of the programme. The undergraduate Anthropology course will help to address this gap. It will develop the skills of the 50 or so students who go onto the Psychology programme, who later in their course will discover that observational work and ethnographic methods have become of current significance within psychology. The Master's level unit on Organisational Culture will provide access to important thinking within the area of Leadership and Management, not only through its examination of different models of organisational culture, but also by its promotion of the concept of an organisational culture amongst the leaders of tomorrow. This will encourage leaders to think about the ethos and culture that they wish for their institution to share and to look for ways to promote the same.
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Impact date2017
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