Marine climate change impacts: 10 years' experience of science to policy reporting

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This report card summarises how our understanding of marine climate change impacts has developed since the first MCCIP report card and lessons for science to policy reporting.

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Key headlines
Short term variations in key parameters, such as temperature, over the last decade highlight the need to communicate observed change in the context of long-term trends.
There is evidence of some marine species responding to climate change but not necessarily in the ways anticipated 10 years ago.
Some areas, such as human health, remain poorly understood but there are early signs that climate change will have an impact.
Marine climate change impacts on society have been identified and understanding for some topics, such as fisheries and coastal flooding, is more advanced than for others.
In general, marine climate change impacts have been better studied than ever before and ensuring integrity and independence when translating evidence is vital to inform considered decision making.
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Impact date2017
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