Kirkwall Township Heritage Initiative Viking Walk

Impact: Economic or commercial Impacts

Describe the impacts resulting from your research

Ragnhild Ljosland developed a new Kirkwall Viking Walk for tourist guides, given as CPD to active tourist guides. It will add to their portfolio of tours which they can offer to visitors and potentially bring in business for the guides. The material was written by Ragnhild Ljosland, drawing on research by Ragnhild Ljosland, Alexandra Sanmark, Donna Heddle, Victoria Whitworth, Olwyn Owen, Christopher Gee (unpublished), Barbara Crawford, B. H. Hossack, James Barrett.

Who or what is affected by your research?

Members of Scottish Tourist Guides Association, Orkney

How did your research contribute or influence these changes?

The Kirkwall Viking Walk is a new guided tour of Kirkwall, covering the period 800- 1263 AD. It incorporates areas of Kirkwall which are not part of the standard Kirkwall Walking Tour and includes new information. Extensive tour notes were written (by Ragnhild Ljosland) and distributed to the tourist guides' association members, and a tour was given to the members which they can in turn offer to their customers.
Impact statusCompleted
Category of impactEconomic or commercial Impacts
Impact levelAdoption