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Mary MacLeod Rivett (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts, Economic Impacts, Public policy Impacts, Quality of life Impacts

Summary of vessel tracking technology options for inshore fisheries management

Richard L. Shelmerdine (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Economic Impacts, Other Impacts

Bioenergy-Technology Innovation Needs Assessment

Michele Stanley (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

The Last Days of Hakon the Old

Victoria Whitworth (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts

FSA Phytoplantkon Monitoring

Keith Davidson (Participant), Sarah Swan (Participant) & Callum Whyte (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

NERC Holyrood Reception Briefing

Stuart Cunningham (Participant), Loic Houpert (Participant) & Mark Inall (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts


Policy Input

Adam Hughes (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Social Impacts

HAB bulletins

Keith Davidson (Participant), Callum Whyte (Participant) & Arlene Ditchfield (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

Parliamentary Written Evidence submitted to the Scottish Affairs Committee

Finlo Cottier (Participant), Mark Inall (Participant), Raeanne Miller (Participant), David Pond (Participant), Ben Wilson (Participant) & Nick Owens (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts


Motion raised in Scottis Parliament

Stuart Gibb (Participant) & Mark Taggart (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Shetland Islands' Marine Spatial Plan

Rachel Shucksmith (Participant) & Charlotte Slater (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Cultural Impacts, Economic Impacts, Other Impacts, Quality of life Impacts, Social Impacts, REF case study development

Translocation Excavation Project

Keir Magalie Strickland (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts

Fisheries closed areas for scallop dredging

Richard L. Shelmerdine (Participant), Beth Mouat (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Other Impacts


Adam Hughes (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Marine Renewables - marine mammals

Steven Benjamins (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Kirkwall Township Heritage Initiative Viking Walk

Ragnhild Ljosland (Participant), Alexandra Sanmark (Participant), Donna Heddle (Participant), Victoria Whitworth (Participant), Crawford Barbara (Participant), Olwyn Owen (Participant), James Barrett (Participant) & Christopher Gee (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts