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Bioenergy-Technology Innovation Needs Assessment

Michele Stanley (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Fisheries closed areas for scallop dredging

Richard L. Shelmerdine (Participant) & Beth Mouat (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Other Impacts

FSA Phytoplantkon Monitoring

Keith Davidson (Participant), Sarah Swan (Participant) & Callum Whyte (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

HAB bulletins

Keith Davidson (Participant), Callum Whyte (Participant) & Arlene Ditchfield (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

Kirkwall Township Heritage Initiative Viking Walk

Ragnhild Ljosland (Participant), Alexandra Sanmark (Participant), Donna Heddle (Participant), Victoria Whitworth (Participant), Crawford Barbara (Participant), Olwyn Owen (Participant), James Barrett (Participant) & Christopher Gee (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impacts

Marine Renewables - marine mammals

Steven Benjamins (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Motion raised in Scottish Parliament

Stuart Gibb (Participant) & Mark Taggart (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

NERC Holyrood Reception Briefing

Stuart Cunningham (Participant), Loic Houpert (Participant) & Mark Inall (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts


Parliamentary Written Evidence submitted to the Scottish Affairs Committee

Finlo Cottier (Participant), Mark Inall (Participant), Raeanne Miller (Participant), David Pond (Participant), Ben Wilson (Participant) & Nick Owens (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts



Adam Hughes (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts

Policy Input

Adam Hughes (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Social Impacts


Mary MacLeod Rivett (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts, Economic Impacts, Public policy Impacts, Quality of life Impacts

Shetland Islands' Marine Spatial Plan

Rachel Shucksmith (Participant) & Charlotte Slater (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Cultural Impacts, Economic Impacts, Other Impacts, Quality of life Impacts, Social Impacts, REF case study development

Summary of vessel tracking technology options for inshore fisheries management

Richard L. Shelmerdine (Participant)

Impact: Public policy Impacts, Economic Impacts, Other Impacts

The Last Days of Hakon the Old

Victoria Whitworth (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts

Translocation Excavation Project

Keir Magalie Strickland (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impacts