Sub-Bottom Profiler (SBP)

  • Richard L. Shelmerdine (Manager)

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    Shetland UHI, Scalloway Campus, Port Arthur, Scalloway, Shetland, ZE1 0UN

    United Kingdom

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Our survey vessel, MV Moder Dy, is fitted with an over the side mount GeoPulse pinger Sub-Bottom Profiler (SBP) which is the “survey industry’s industry standard Sub-Bottom Profiler system”.

Frequency: Selectable from 2 to 12 kHz, at 3.5 kHz a 55° beam angle is produced
Source level: 214 dB re 1 µPa/1 m
Transducers: 4 transducer array (Models 132)
Survey speed: 4 knots
Outputs: Raw data is saved as SEG-Y files, processed data can be exported in multiple formats including shapefiles
Operating depth range: Greater than 2 m water depth
GPS system: Hemisphere GPS (VS111) with a horizontal accuracy of <0.02 m and a heading accuracy of <0.10° rms

Outputs are initially processed in the SonarWiz5 software package with further processing in ArcGIS for map creation.


NameSub-Bottom Profiler (SBP)
ManufacturersKongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd


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